Washer / Dryer Repair

If your washing machine or drying appliance develops a fault and breaks down, you would be wise to get in touch with a reputable repair company such as Will’s Appliance Repair at the earliest opportunity, because the quicker the repair is carried out the better and save the fault from getting worse. Qualified technicians will be able to diagnose any problems, before replacing the necessary component.
Why Repair?
If your washing machine or dryer breaks down, don’t just rush out to buy a new expensive one, when repairs can be carried out, saving you a lot of money. If you have your washing machine and dryer serviced regularly, this can prevent any faults developing in the first place.
Common Washing Machine and Dryer Problems
Some common problems include the following:
The Washer Does Not Fill
If, after carrying out checks on the door and inlet pipes, the problem still exists, then your best bet is to contact Will’s Appliance Repair who will send one of their trained technicians to look at your machine and advise of the problem and necessary action to rectify.
The Cycles Fail To Complete.
If this happens, it might be due to a faulty thermostat, timer or other component, and whilst you may temporarily resolve the problem, it would be a good idea to get in touch with a good repair company as there is likely to be an underlying problem which was the initial cause of the fault.
Water Fails To Drain
A clogged filter or faulty pump can be the culprits for poor drainage, but this is a problem which can be rectified by a skilled technician if basic maintenance steps to not resolve the fault.
Excessive and Unusual Noise
A rattling noise could be the result of coins or bra wires remaining in the drum, so ensure that you look at the drain filter to make sure there is no debris in there. Alternatively, a bearing that has worn could cause strange noises, but to make sure, if you manually turn the drum and hear a kind of rumbling noise,
Clothes Are Still Wet
If your clothes are still wet after the drying cycle has completed, first you should check all of the filters and ensure they are not clogged. Otherwise, a failing heating element could be to blame which will need replacement by our certified technicians.
The Washer or Dryer Fails to Spin
A relatively common problem is when the machine won’t spin at all, which is usually caused by either overloading the machine or putting too few items in the drum in the case of washers. Fortunately this can be simple and cheap enough to repair by replacing the brushes, a very common repair for our technicians and one that will not cost the earth.
Will’s Professional Appliance Repair, Puyallup, WA.
If after all your efforts to try and find a specific problem, the trouble persists, then you should get in contact with Will’s Appliance Repair, who will send one of their technicians to diagnose the precise problem as quickly as possible, and thereafter, carry out the necessary repairs.