Refrigerator Repair

To prevent the malfunction of your refrigerator, it is worth learning how to clean the condenser coils, which should be done annually. With some models such as the side by side ones, then the coils should be cleaned twice yearly, except if they are the black coils and once yearly should suffice, but endeavour to hoover them from time to time to keep any dust at bay.
12 Common Refrigerator Problems
1. Excessive Noise
Refrigerators can be noisy with some models noisier than others, but if the fan is noisy it will require to be replaced otherwise your refrigerator will not cool.
2. Failing to Start
Some checks you can make are to check the electronic control board and temperature control switch, a problem that can be experienced by about eighteen percent of customers.
3. Leaking
Leakages can be caused by faulty gaskets or defective valves letting water to leak outside, or leakages can be down to the ice maker, with just over a third of customers experiencing this.
4. Ice Maker not working
If your ice maker ceases to work, it’s easy enough to check the filter and valves situated at the back of the fridge, where there may be evidence of breakages or leaking.
5. Refrigerator is Too Warm
If the fridge is too warm, you may have to install a new diffuser or other component to ensure the return of cold air. Faulty seals could also be allowing warm air to enter the refrigerator.
6. No Water Dispensing
If no water is being dispensed, it may be down to the inlet valve or actuator.
7. The Freezer and Fridge Sections are Too Warm
If both fridge and freezer feel warm, it is advisable to check the fan motor, temperature control switch or sensor. It is unlikely to be the seals in this instance due to the compartments having separate seals.
8. Faulty Lighting
This may be down to simply requiring a new bulb but if the bulb dims, then a professional repair may be your best option.
9. Sweating Door
If you find that the fridge door is sweating, this could be down to a gasket that’s broken or indeed, it may need a completely new assembly.
10. Fridge is Too Cold
If the fridge is too cold, it could be that the inlet damper needs replacing, but you should also check the control and temperature sensor.
11. Freezer Compartment is Too Cold
If it’s the freezer compartment of your refrigerator which is getting too cold, this could be due to a defective temperature sensor or the inlet damper, both of which require repairing.
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