Ice Maker Repair

Whatever type of ice maker you have, our company technicians at Will’s Appliance Repair of Puyallup, WA., are more than capable of repairing all makes and models, including the following:
Self-contained or built-in ice makers
Modular or under-counter ice makers
Common Ice Maker Issues We Can Repair
Some of the common faults that can happen to your ice making machine include the following and will need you to contact a professional repair service at the earliest opportunity to prevent a fault from growing worse, placing excess strain on a variety of components and potentially causing irreparable damage to your appliance.
High Temperature
If the temperature on your freezer is above 10 degrees Fahrenheit, it probably won’t produce any ice cubes, but with the use of a thermometer, you will be able to see the temperature of your appliance and if it is indeed running too high.
No Ice Being Produced
If water isn’t reaching the ice tray, then obviously you won’t have any ice. This could be due to the water pressure being too low or a defective component. If there are any mineral deposits, this will result in a malfunction, but one of our highly experienced technicians will be able to diagnose the fault quickly.
Ice Not Ejecting
If ice is being formed but can’t be released, this may be due to a faulty assembly, and even though only a small part may be faulty, there is a likelihood the whole thing may have to be replaced, because often, individual parts can’t be found.

Water But no Ice
If your ice maker is not producing ice but instead water or slush is being produced, the thermostat is most likely to blame although a faulty seal could be letting in warm air. Our technicians can test this and repair the failing component.

The ice maker is leaking
If there are any leakages, make sure that your freezer is level, the fill cup is properly aligned and that the water pipes aren’t damaged. If none of these symptoms are apparent, your best bet is to contact our company, when we will arrange for one of our technicians to come and diagnose the problem before it gets any worse.
The Importance of Maintenance
Prevention Is always cheaper than the cure. Regular servicing of your appliance can extend the life of the appliance, internal components and even prevent faults from occurring in the first place. Our technicians can advise of how often you should service your appliance, call us today and quote your model so we can assist you and schedule an appointment if necessary.
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