Freezer Repair

If your freezer breaks down, before you rush out to buy a new one, why not get in touch with a professional repair company such as Will’s Appliance Repair of Puyallup, WA., instead, who will advise you whether any faulty components can be repaired, potentially saving you lots of money. Every year, countless Americans replace their appliances unnecessarily, either through poor advice or because they cannot find a suitable appliance repair technicians.
Signs You Need Freezer Repair
Freezer is Excessively Cold
If the freezer is too cold, there is a chance of extra ice accumulation; at the same time, if your fridge is warm, this could be down to a faulty defrost heater. Our technicians will be able to test the whole defrost system, find out where the fault lies and inform you of a solution.
Defrosted Food
If you notice that food is sometimes defrosting and softened but that the freezer is at the right temperature, it could indicate regular temperature fluctuations or power cuts. Whilst power cuts are usually out of the homeowner’s hands, they can sometimes be caused by faulty cables and sockets. Temperature fluctuation could be caused by this as well as a failing thermostat or motor components.
Freezer is not Freezing
Recommendations from the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] are that a freezer remains at a consistent temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is above that, there is a danger that the food is not being preserved safely, which could mean there is bacterial growth. If you feel that your freezer should be colder, make a check of the thermostatic settings to ensure that the dial hasn’t been accidentally moved.
Frost and Excess Ice Build-up
Whilst there is often a build-up of frost, if you think there’s too much, it could signify a problem with perhaps the gasket or draining tube, or perhaps something as simple as the door being left open for too long a period, whereby warm air can cause an accumulation of frost.
Power Failures
If this happens, before you contact a repair service, just make sure the unit is plugged in correctly. If you think there is an issue with the socket, then please ensure that you call an electrician, who will give an accurate assessment as to whether the fault is electrical, after which it may well be that some of the components are faulty. Once you get in contact with a repair service, they will be able to send one of their experienced technicians to diagnose the fault.
Time To Call Will’s Appliance Repair, Puyallup, WA.
Despite the good care your freezer gets, they can develop faults from time to time, and if this happens, please do contact Will’s Appliance Repair of Puyallup, WA., without delay, whereupon we can arrange for one of our highly skilled and experienced technicians to attend your home and carry out necessary repairs. Avoiding delays in calling us can prevent problems from growing more serious and increasing repair bills.