Brands We Repair

Will’s Appliance Repair is committed to providing you with a reliable and affordable repair service, and our skilled technicians are capable of dealing with the following brands throughout Puyallup, Wa in a timely and cost-effective manner to help minimize the disruption to your life when an appliance needs our attention.
Frigidaire is internationally renowned for producing streamlined and modern household appliances offered to consumers at reasonable prices, without compromising on style or reliability.
For over fifty years, GE has earned a reputation for its range of reliable and good quality household appliances, and their practicality in terms of repair and maintenance work.
Appliances from LG are ground-breaking and priced reasonably for modern-day life, fitting into an expansive range of houses from first-time buyers to stylish, upmarket properties. Like their style, their reliability is renowned across America.
Bosch is primarily known for its superb range of kitchen appliances, although they do also manufacture an excellent range of other appliances, and their customer support is renowned for being superb.
Amana’s ground-breaking household appliances are produced with families in mind, by taking costs and the environment into consideration, an especially important factor for many consumers in the current changing climate.
Samsung, besides being one of the world’s best-known brands for a variety of appliances and electronic devices, is a globally trusted manufacturer in terms of their product and component quality and maintainability. It is easy to understand why this brand is so popular across America and the international community.
Appliances made by Viking whether these be domestic or commercial are not only pleasing to the eye but have exceptional features, making them a clear favorite among top chefs. Now you can have this quality appliance within your own family home for a very reasonable cost.
Maytag has a reputation for trusted and reliable household appliances. Being a subsidiary of Whirlpool means its products are long-lasting and of the highest quality. Their customer support is rated as being excellent, and their appliances have a limited ten-year warranty, which speaks volumes about the quality and reliability.
As well as these well-known brands there are numerous other brands that our company has experience in repairing, so if your appliance is not listed above then please contact Will’s Appliance Repair of Puyallup OH. Our expert technicians and maintenance staff will be able to assist you regarding your particular brand and model of appliance. All our technicians have regular training to keep up with new brands and modern trends, and this along with their experience, reliability, and trustworthiness, should make us your first port of call if any of your appliances are malfunctioning.